After a distinguished and heartfelt career spanning nearly seven decades, Nancy Piasecki has decided to retire from her role at the Piasecki Funeral Home, a beacon of comfort and service in our community since 1931. Nancy’s journey with the funeral home began in 1955 when she married into the business, stepping into a world that was, at the time, uncharted territory for women. With dedication and an unwavering spirit, she not only succeeded but thrived, paving the way for future generations.

Nancy’s initial contribution was modernizing the business’ financial management, moving away from a simple notebook to a comprehensive accounting and bookkeeping system. Her role evolved over the years, from managing clergy, caskets, and vault orders to steering the funeral home through its most challenging times, especially after the passing of her husband, Michael J. Piasecki, in 1984. Under her guidance, the funeral home’s services grew exponentially, a testament to Nancy’s leadership and the collective effort of a dedicated team.

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Pictured above: the Piasecki and Martin Families

Her legacy includes not just the growth of the funeral home but also her significant involvement in various local organizations, where she held numerous leadership positions, contributing to the betterment of the Kenosha community. Nancy’s commitment to service was mirrored in her personal life, where she was a devoted mother, grandmother, and friend, always finding joy in the time spent with her loved ones.

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As Nancy steps back, the Piasecki family is honored to pass the torch to Matt Martin, a retired City of Kenosha firefighter and paramedic who has been part of our family for over 20 years. Matt’s dedication to the community and his compassionate approach to funeral service promise a continuation of the family legacy. His extensive education and training have prepared him to lead the Piasecki team with the same heart and dedication that have been the hallmark of the funeral home for decades.

Nancy’s retirement marks not only the turning of a page but also the beginning of an exciting new chapter for this family-owned, independent funeral home. As we bid farewell to Nancy, we celebrate her immense contributions, her pioneering spirit, and the countless lives she has touched. Her legacy of compassion, community service, and dedication will continue to inspire all of us at Piasecki Funeral Home as we move forward, honoring personal legacies in the circle of life.

We invite our friends, families, and the Kenosha community to join us in celebrating Nancy’s remarkable career and wishing her a joyful and fulfilling retirement. We also encourage you to reach out to Matt Martin with any questions during this transition. May this new chapter bring Nancy much-deserved rest, happiness, and endless time with her cherished family and friends. Thank you, Nancy, for your decades of service, your leadership, and your profound impact on us all.

Nancy Piasecki

Retired President


Matt Martin

Vice President / Managing Partner