Piasecki Funeral Home History

Kenosha Funeral Home

90 Years of Serving the Community

On October 1, 1927, Michael W. Piasecki, a licensed pharmacist, relocated from Chicago, Illinois to North Chicago, Illinois and opened a funeral home.

In 1931, Charles Piasecki, Michael’s brother, opened Piasecki Funeral Home at 4124 7th Ave.  Unfortunately, Charles passed away in 1939 and Michael became the owner of his second funeral home.  In the mid 1940’s, Michael purchased the property at 2002 52nd St. and transformed that into a funeral home.  In 1955, he expanded the building to include a large chapel.  In 1960, the property across the street was purchased and a parking lot was made.

In 1953, Michael W’s son, Michael J. returned from his Army tour of duty in Kokura, Japan.  Michael J. served from 1951 to 1953 as an embalmer with American Graves Registration.  Upon his return home, he earned his funeral director/embalmers license and joined his father in the business.

In 1955, Michael J. married Nancy Slobe in Waukegan, Illinois and they made their home and raised four children in Kenosha, Wisconsin.

In 1956, Michael W. Piasecki passed away and Michael J. and Nancy assumed ownership of the business.  Michael was active in the community, a member of The Midtown Businessmen’s Association, American Legion Post #21, Veterans of Foreign Wars Post #1865, Polish Legion of American Veterans Post #34 and was the Mortuary Service Officer of Kenosha County Civil Defense Unit, and a member of Kenosha Rotary West.

Michael J. passed away in 1984 and Nancy, with a very knowledgeable and capable staff, has carried on the tradition and reputation built by her late father-in-law and husband.  The funeral home moved to its current location in 1995 and will be adding a carriage house to accommodate vehicles, offices and storage.