In an evolving landscape of fraud and deception, we’ve become aware of a deeply disturbing scheme targeting individuals during one of life’s most vulnerable moments: mourning the passing of a loved one. Deceptive actors are now masquerading as funeral home staff, intimidating families with the premise that funeral services may be abruptly canceled unless immediate additional payments are rendered.

It is our solemn duty at Piasecki Funeral Home to not only provide compassionate care but also to ensure the safety and security of the families we serve. As such, we want to offer an advisory on this reprehensible scam and to equip our community with knowledge and guidance.

This malicious tactic, were there an archive of scammer strategies, would assuredly rank amongst the most contemptible. Here’s how to navigate and guard against such underhanded methods:

Prioritize Deliberation Over Haste

We at Piasecki Funeral Home respect the importance of informed decisions, especially in moments of grief. Beware of any entity using aggressive tactics or pressuring immediate actions, particularly regarding payments or divulging personal information.

Verify Before You Trust

Should you receive any communication regarding your funeral arrangements, always reach out to us directly using our official contact channels. Do not rely on contact details provided in unsolicited or suspicious communications.

Recognize Dubious Payment Requests

Be alert to uncommon or overly complicated payment methods, such as requests for wire transfers, cryptocurrency, or gift cards. Likewise, always be skeptical of instructions to deposit checks followed by transferring funds elsewhere.

Stay Proactive with Reporting

If you suspect or experience any such deceitful activity, we urge you to promptly report the occurrence to the Federal Trade Commission at Your vigilant response can play a pivotal role in preventing future victimization.

At Piasecki Funeral Home, we’re dedicated to guiding families through their grieving journey with genuine support and utmost integrity. We’ll stand together, ensuring our community remains a sanctuary against those who seek to exploit the tender moments of remembrance.

We are here to help you through the process for your end-of-life care.

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