During the COVID pandemic many families were unable to have a funeral service or hold a memorial for a loved one.  Even those that did have a funeral for a loved one were forced to downsize to immediate family only.  Even then, many of the immediate family members could not attend due to vulnerability to COVID.

Traditional funerals and memorial gatherings allow friends and family to properly honor and celebrate the life of a loved one.  Additionally, these celebrations are an important part of the journey of grief.

Much time has passed….What now?

Here’s the GOOD news. You can (and maybe should) STILL have a funeral or memorial service for your loved one…and, believe it or not, there are some advantages to having a post-COVID service:

  1. With traditional funerals you typically only have a maximum of a week or so after your loved one has passed to schedule a day for the service.  Now, you have the flexibility of choosing the perfect day.  For example: Your loved one’s birthday?  An important anniversary? An early summer day for an outdoor gathering?
  2. You have plenty of time to invite everyone. You can now take your time to plan and send invites through the mail, send emails, make social media posts and so on.  Also, if your date is far enough out, everyone you invite has ample time to plan and make time to be in attendance.
  3. While you are no doubt still going through the emotions of your loss, you won’t be dealing with the newness of your loved ones passing while you’re planning.  You now have the time and capacity to get the celebration just right.  Things like decorations, food and drink, music, video tributes and story telling can all take time to coordinate.  Relative to a traditional funeral, you have much more time for all of these things.

Even if your loved one passed in the beginning of the COVID pandemic and it’s been well over a year, now might be the time to start organizing a proper service.  One that your loved one, you and your friends and family deserve.

Call us to schedule a time to discuss service options for your loved one. We are here, as we have been for over 90 years, dedicated to helping families design the perfect farewell.

We are here to help you through the process for your end-of-life care.

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