Piasecki has the perfect recipe to share.  Let us help make your plans complete.  We will talk over each option for your plan and help you make the choices that are best for you and your family.  After you select the exact ingredients, we will guide you through personal, easy-to-follow instructions for you and your family.

Helping Families Create a Plan
While funeral traditions change over time, we continue to offer help, compassion and personalization for your needs.  There are many decisions needed to plan a funeral and, rather than adding to family stress at the time of need, pre-planning lets you conveniently complete all the preparations.

What’s Next?
You’ve spent your life planning for your family.  Pre-planning allows you to take time to decide your final wishes.  Piasecki Funeral Home will guide you through the process of making your final plans.

We Will Help
P Prepare a plan
I Inform you of all options
E Express your specific intentions in writing

Piasecki Funeral Home is honored to help you through this process.  We’ve been helping families since 1931; Trusted in the community and humbled to serve you.

“Prearrangement is perhaps one of the most meaningful gifts of love that you can provide family and loved ones.”
~ Ron Nelson, Pre-planning Consultant

Contact our Pre-planning Consultant, Ron Nelson by phone at 262-496-7300, or email [email protected] and schedule a time to meet him in person.  Meetings are also available through Zoom.

We are here to help you through the process for your end-of-life care.

Ron Nelson is our preplanning expert ready to help you when you are.

Give Ron a call at 262-658-4101 or email Ron at [email protected]