You Chose Cremation for a loved one-now you have to think about what will be done with the cremated remains?

While people may consider cremation compared to traditional casket burial, there are still decisions to make.  Do you keep your loved one at home, perhaps on a mantel? There are a plethora of options when it comes to memorializing your loved one when you have cremated remains.  Some may choose to scatter the cremated remains on the family farm, on the water over Lake Michigan and at sporting venues. (Fun Fact: Walt Disney World is the most popular spot in the world for scattering cremated remains).  Scattering cremated remains over a special location is a very personal and meaningful way to celebrate your loved one but do check with local and state guidelines as there are usually rules in place regarding this.

What if you decide to hold onto your loved ones cremated remains?  Here are some great options:

1. Indoor glass-covered mausoleum – Set up the perfect display with urn, photos and keepsakes.  Visit your loved one year-round.

2. Outdoor urn mausoleum – Yes, it is very common for urns to be places in outdoor mausoleums.  A more traditional take, amongst the beauty of the outdoors..

3. Urns – Special hobbies such as a Golfer, Bowler, or Fisherman or finding peace with choosing a special color or decorated with butterflies, flowers or cardinals.  There are a variety of urns to choose from to memorialize your loved one.

4. Keepsakes – You can have part of your loved ones cremated remains kept close to you in a pendant or memorial keepsake.  There are many options available such as jewelry and other personalized keepsakes.

Talk this over with our funeral directors, we will be honored to help you through these decisions.

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