As we recognize the importance of health care workers during this pandemic, let us take the time to recognize the tireless efforts and unflinching courage of those at the end of life’s journey, our Funeral Directors – Last Responders

– Piasecki Funeral Home has not been overwhelmed from the number of deaths but from the rise in deaths due to  COVID. We turned on a dime to adhere to the restrictions and guidelines we had to quickly learn and adhere to.  It’s a Funeral Directors duty to ensure that every grieving family is given the attention needed to honor their loved one and at the same time deal with this pandemic, keeping themselves and staff safe as well the families. As the type of funeral services change, so does the life of a Funeral Director. Because they are so dedicated, Funeral Directors are finding their days blending from one right into the next.  Missing out on their own family time and rest.

– Our Funeral Directors know the importance of treating a grieving family with the utmost compassion.  However, social distancing prevents things like hugging and taking someone’s hand.  Not being able to comfort someone in the traditional way is not only counterintuitive for a Director, but also adds tremendous stress as they struggle to comfort someone without that touch along with hidden facial expressions under a mask.

– Every funeral is unique in some way.  No two are the same.  Our Funeral Directors and staff ensure that a family’s wishes are carried out exactly as requested within ever changing guidelines.  However, Directors now must balance a family’s wishes with the restrictions put in place due to COVID.  They have turned to technology for livestreaming services and visitations, zoom or facetime for arrangements while undertaking social distancing, even orchestrating drive-up viewings, and limiting the number of people in the chapel. Perhaps the most challenging of all, making sure that friends and family are made aware of how the service is to proceed explaining the many restrictions – All the while respecting the family’s wishes and having a service unique for honoring their loved one.

Our funeral directors have the heart, dedication, and knowledge to care for you and your family through the process not only adhering to guidelines but having true compassion for honoring your loved one.

We are here to help you through the process for your end-of-life care.

Ron Nelson is our preplanning expert ready to help you when you are.

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