1. Call and text your family and friends regularly.  Tell them how much it means to you that they keep in touch by texting and calling you regularly as well.


2. Turn your loved one’s Facebook page into a memorial page where friends and family can share photos, videos and talk about their memories.  Yes, you can easily do this by submitting a request to Facebook to take over your loved ones page.


3. Seek spiritual support from your church or religious organization.  If you are not affiliated with a church or religious organization, now would be a good time to consider one.  Holidays are a great time to visit or get involved with a faith based group.


4. Routine – Establishing and maintaining a routine can help you take some control over your daily life.**


5. Exercise – Engaging in physical movement, even a short walk, can be helpful to your well being.**


**source: Grieving Alone & Together by Sara Murphy, PhD, CT

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