1. Peace of Mind – One of the best gifts that you can give your loved ones is sparing them the distress of planning your funeral after you’re gone.  With this gift comes the feeling of knowing that they will be able to celebrate your life and grieve your loss without the stress and worry about all of the details.

2. Know Your Options – When you preplan, you also discover the many options available for your funeral service.  Remember, the purpose of a funeral is for your loved ones to celebrate and honor your life.  Your service can be tailored to accommodate your friends and family as well as honor your religious traditions, hobbies, and interests.

3. Your Wishes are Important – There may be certain things you would like to have included in your life celebration.  Consider asking your friends and family to make a donation, in your honor, to your favorite charity.  Are there special musical selections you would like to have played?  Whatever ideas you may have, we can help make them become a reality.  Preplanning allows you to share your wishes with your family and ensures that you have a say in how you are remembered and your life is celebrated.

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