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Education: I graduated from Grayslake Central High School and received my degree in Mortuary Science from Worsham College of Mortuary Science in September 2021.

What do you find fulfilling about your job at Piasecki?

I enjoy helping families find the little details that make their loved one’s funeral service specially tailored to them and the life they lived. From the time I first sit down with a family to the end of our time caring for them, I feel most fulfilled when I know that we as a staff have made the process easier and found ways that make it meaningful for them.

Where are your top three favorite places to visit in Kenosha outside of work?

Being new to Kenosha and a big foodie, I love trying new restaurants. They have all become favorite places of mine, but I love La Fogata, Pimmy’s, and The Spot!

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